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I’m just so excited…and I just can’t hide it…


Aahhh! – the hair!  

Ooohhh! – the rocking beats!

Woooohhhh! – the dazzling lyrics!  

What *can* I be so excited about?  


(of course!)

aka ‘Jailbreaking the MFL Classroom’

9th – 10th February 2013

University of Southampton


I’ll be presenting on:

  • ‘Release your Inner Prezi’ – a guide to making the most of Prezi in your lessons
  • ‘Codebusting – Designing an MFL app’  (please don’t ask any complicated questions)

There is a dazzling array of even better speakers than me there too, so you won’t be wasting your department’s hard earned budget in the slightest: come and marvel at the likes of Joe DaleIsabelle Jones (both keynote speakers) Amanda Salt, Lisa Stevens and John Connor,  to name-drop but a few of the glittering stars who will be present.

You will go home with a head of ideas, a bulging follower list, a gadget full of links, apps and groovy stuff and massive school to-do list.  You’ll love it!

The Prezi presentation is a hands-on practical workshop where you get to sign up to, play with, tweak and Prezify lesson resources.  Even if you have used Prezi before, you should find that the tips and tricks will make navigating this flashy site a lot easier and therefore lesson resource creation a lot quicker.

In Codebusting, I will introduce some ideas and techniques for you to get your own MFL app off the ground.  You may find these resources helpful and these ones too and I will build on both in the presentation, but (much like my coding skills) no previous experience or knowledge about programming will be required.  There will, you will be pleased to know, be no test at the end.

Simply beam yourself at the QR Code in the yellow box above to be taken to a sign up page where there is more delegate information about the conference.  If your beamy thing is not up to it, or you have no idea what I am talking about (in which case #ililc3 most certainly IS the place for you to visit to learn and find out more!) then just click here instead.

See you there!

LanguageShowConnect from #LSLive2012


While tootling around looking for resources from the Language Show Live which took place last week, I came across Language Show Connect, the members-only resource area from the show.

It’s free to become a member and most, if not all of the resources from talks and exhibitors are made freely available to members. There is a huge range of useful resources for language teachers and learners and offers and resources from many of the exhibitors.  The screen shots below give just a hint of the variety of resources available.

There are also a number of videos from the 2011 show, including none other than Joe Dale’s  presentation on No Brainer Blogging. I gather that the 2012 videos are in preparation and will be published online shortly. Watch this space!


And here’s a link to Joe Dale’s video presentation from 2011 – just click on the image to take you to the site:

Making it ‘Appen – Language Show Live 2012 – Part 2


For those of you keen to see the whole presentation given last week at the Language Show Live event, look no further.  This is an extended version of the pdf handout made available at the talk and on this blog afterwards.  More information, notes and updates will be added in due course, so do keep checking back.  I’d be grateful for any feedback you may have on these resources.

View this document on Scribd

Making it ‘Appen – Language Show Live 2012


Below is the handout that accompanies my presentation later on today at Language Show Live on:

Making it ‘Appen: An Idiot’s Guide to creating an MFL App.

To follow the next installment of my app-creating adventures, you will have to come to ILILC3 in Southampton in February 2013!

View this document on Scribd

MFLTwitterati – why it works so well…

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    #Ofsted came and gave me an #Outstanding! :-) Here’s how I did it… #mfltwitterati
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    @EmilyJayneD Now this seems like a perfect question for the #mfltwitterati! @amandasalt?
  5. msmfl
    Have I just invented new AfL concept “co-peer-assess”? Have just snuck it into a lesson plan! #rocknrolllifestyle #mfltwitterati
  6. msmfl
    @carolinepepper Plese also read these instructions on using the dropboxes before you start
  7. italian2011
    RT @Yabla: French? Italian? It’s all double Dutch to many #langchat #edchat #FLTeach #MFLtwitterati
  8. eonsrud
    RT @dr_dmd: All @actfl webinars are archived online on theirwebsite! Great news! #langchat #flteach @ascd @edutopia @AATFrench @aatsp #mfltwitterati
  9. pjpurple
    RT @Yabla: #funfact: “In Albania, nodding your head means ‘no’ and shaking your head means ‘yes’.”#langchat #edchat #FLTeach #MFLtwitterati
  10. Yabla
    #funfact: “In Albania, nodding your head means ‘no’ and shaking your head means ‘yes’.”#langchat #edchat #FLTeach #MFLtwitterati
  11. joedale
    @prof_fr Hi Courtney, the MFL Twitterati DBs are for UK language teachers only to make them manageable. Sorry
  12. prof_fr
    @joedale – could I be invited to the French Dropbox please #MFLTwitterati? Thanks
  13. joedale
    RT @CoLeeSensei: @joedale Anyone in the #mfltwitterati currently running a flipped MFL class – Have a couple ‘how it works’ questions. Thanks!
  14. CoLeeSensei
    @joedale Anyone in the #mfltwitterati currently running a flipped MFL class – Have a couple ‘how it works’ questions. Thanks!
  15. ict4mfl
    Lang Teachers, sign up now 2 create Worksheets @ only £4.99 for 12 months. Quality resources on a budget #mfltwitterati
  16. msmfl
    Afraid to say it on a Saturday evening but am getting unseemingly excited about the Edexcel GCSE MFL BuildAPaper #mfltwitterati #ObsOnMonday
  17. msmfl
    @senoraelliott Great news! Let me know if I can be of any help. The #mfltwitterati is a great source of blogging advice :)
  18. dr_dmd
    All @actfl webinars are archived online on theirwebsite! Great news! #langchat #flteach @ascd @edutopia @AATFrench @aatsp #mfltwitterati
  19. GermanAtAston
    RT @Yabla: Today’s Yabla Word is #German “sprechen”=to speak. #langchat #edchat #FLTeach #MFLtwitterati
  20. Yabla
    Today’s Yabla Word is #German “sprechen”=to speak. #langchat #edchat #FLTeach #MFLtwitterati

AppDev – What you need to know

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    Dealing with app pirates RT @JezHarper We were not impressed when our app was cracked #Appdev #Apple #app Plz RT –
  20. JezHarper
    myQuitTime lets you watch your savings & health improve #Appdev #Apple #app Plz RT –

Language Show Live 2012 – 19th – 21st October



Language Show Live is THE biggest language education trade show in the MFL calendar and an event simply not to be missed.

This year it takes places between 19th – 21st October at National Hall, Olympia, London.

Employers, businesses and many other language-themed exhibitors will be present and there is a dizzying array of language taster lessons and seminars on language teaching and learning.

I will be presenting a seminar on Sunday 21st October (3.30 – 4.15pm) on:

> Making it ‘Appen: An Idiot’s Guide to Making an MFL App in Schools

Be there, but please don’t ask too many tricky programming related questions!

Tickets are free for the whole event but you do need to register in advance:

See you there!



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